Tuesday, February 24, 2015

THREE YEARS (August 2015)

WOW~it's been too long but I have all the excuses to make this okay…
~We built a new HOME
While taking care of Sholey and my grandson, Greyson~  Whoo Hoooo ( I did it)

~Sholey turned 4 years old

~Greyson (1st grandson) turned 1 year old 

~The Beach (Sholey's first time EVER) Vacation

~Oh and we added a new puppy too~ (Our Donald)

~Sholey started Pre-K (Sholey went to Mother's Day Out year before she started 4K this year 2014-2015)
Mother's Day Out (above)

~We had our 2nd grandson "Beckham" born early he was due Jan. 9th and he was born Dec. 13 (12/13/14)

~New Years
~Oh and did I mention work at our business
I know that this isn't all that has been going on but I thought I would highlight just a few things.

In between all of this Sholey had her second set of tubes also and her speech therapy and cleft palete are doing good but we will have to have her palete lengthen because we feel that it's too short.  Also after that along down the road we will have to have a bone graph done to place a tooth where her palete opened~

Sunday, January 19, 2014

What's Been Going On...

On October 20th, 2012 we welcomed "GREYSON ALLEN REED" into this world. 

Here are some pictures leading up to this moment…

 then some pictures afterwards…

What's Been Going On…

We have been one busy family in the past year and five months.  For starters our grandson "Greyson" was born October 20th, 2012.  And that was a wonderful time but also a very hard time for me.  The reason being is Sholey has been SOOOOO attached to me it was hard for me to leave Sholey in the waiting room while I went to check on Ash and be there for her.  It was hard on me to really enjoy the birth of my first grandson and being with my daugther Ashley during this time, but we made it through and Ashley had to end up having a c-section.  Here are some pictures I want to share…

One Ashley's Baby Showers that William actually kept Sholey~
Sholey eating a bite at Ash's baby shower. 

2nd Baby Shower for Ash  


Our First Day HOME from CHINA

These pictures were ones I want to keep on our blog because it's the first pictures took by our wonderful friends; John & Shawn Carrell, AND it happens to be the two of my favorites.  Thank you John & Shawn~

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Well God has done it again, I am so blown away by HIS plans and how HE, and I say "HE" has worked things out~  God knew our hearts and  our desire to be here for our sons wedding on August 4th and HE also knew how bad we wanted to leave and bring Sholey Joy home right after the wedding, well HE has done just that, we leave August 8th!  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Pictures of Sholey...

This is a very current picture of our little girl~  She is just beautiful and will be smiling before to long.  We love her so very much! (picture was taken July 5)

We love you Miss Sholey Joy Woolverton!

We should be hearing from our agency either on July 25th or Aug 1st.  (these are the dates that would either be 2wks or the 3rd week from the Article 5 being picked up and to the CCCWA. 
Our Article 5 will be issued and picked up on July 11th.  It will couriered to CCCWA and we will await the issuance of our travel invitation.    They said it generally has taken two to three weeks.

Friday, June 29, 2012

I-800 Dropoff - Article 5 Pickup

I know you my not understand the title, but for us this is GREAT news!  Let me explain; our documents (I-800) are in China and now at the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou and our Article 5 will be issued and picked up on 7/11/12.  It will then be couriered to CCCWA and we will await the issuance of our travel invitation.  This has generally taken 2-3 weeks. We are getting closer to meeting our daughter!