Friday, November 25, 2011

November-National Adoption Month

Before this month is up we wanted to share that November is national adoption month and ask you to pray for all the 140 million orphans in the world who deserve a forever loving family.  
God doesn't call the equipped He equips those He calls...
We wait patiently for our "Sholey Joy" and know that God has called us and He will equip us...He has already been at work and we see this everyday we wake up and let HIM lead us.  We love you and thank you Jesus~

Our Next Big Day...

DECEMBER 5th is a BIG DAY for the Woolverton's!  We will be sharing more after this day, so please be praying for us and we thank you in advance.

Our Adoption Process Update

Here is where we're at in our adoption process, SO MUCH closer to knowing who our little Sholey Joy is and we couldn't be more exited!
The last date posted on our blog was on October 14th, which we were sharing that  October 13th was our confirmed DTC date (Dossier To Country).  From this point it happen really quick...even the words from our local case worker said "That was fast and your dossier must have been perfect!"
I just couldn't believe how fast we received our LID (Log In Date) which means officially marks our wait for a referral (a picture of a child with their history and medical information).
OKAY OUR LID is 10/25/11!!! TWELVE days from our DTC date, we got a message about our LID!  I couldn't believe it when I got a texted from our local case worker saying "Congrats on your log in date!!"  I had been trying not to check our portal everyday so I wouldn't have anxiety, so at that point of receiving that text I had no idea that we had our log in date, so I pulled my vehicle over and checked my email and sure enough we had our LID!  My heart was beating so fast from the joy inside me and immediately called William to tell him the great news and then following, calling our children to let them know!  
It truly was an exciting day!