Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We Are Praying...

Since our last post in November we have had our conference call which was on December 5th and the call lasted about three hours.  We went over the whole process of adoption for the Waiting Child Program and it couldn't have gone any better, but boy it was a long conversation!  Sholey will have cleft lip and cleft palate and this is where we have been lead from the beginning.  
It was shared with us that we could get a referral as soon as December 26th! The China team shared with us that they match families every last Monday of every month and so now we wait with so much anticipation with our hearts very ready for this moment to come when we finally get to put a face to our little Sholey Joy. 

GREAT news has come!!!  As of last night (December 19th) we had received information that the CCCWA notified agencies that the special needs shared list (only agencies can see this) will be updated Tuesday, December 20th in the evening (8:30 pm - 4:30 am EST).  So what this means is that our family could be referral matched TODAY, December 20th! We will find out later tonight!
All our friends at Bethany Christian Services have been so wonderful and we thank them so very much from the depths of our hearts for the journey to our daughter.  God KNOWS all and CONTROLS all and we praise God for all HE is doing and trust HIM.  

We wanted to share a song with you ("Merry Christmas" by Third Day.)  
This song really fits our family in this part of our journey to OUR LITTLE GIRL IN A LITTLE CHINA TOWN.

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