Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday Morning, March 24th

Spring is here and everything is coming to life again with beautiful colors all around.  I sit back and think about the day when we will have Sholey and she will be running and playing around in the backyard and I'll be sharing with her "that all this beauty, especially her, God has made"!  I can't wait to share with her about Jesus and how much He loves her.  Oh how she's gonna love it here~
We still wait with JOY in our hearts for the day we get a referral of our "Sholey Joy", but the news this time around was a little different (which took place this past Monday the 19th).  We did not get an email just saying "NO MATCH", we received a email explaining that they (Bethany Christian Service & other U.S. Agency's) were having technical difficulties signing into the CCCWA website to do the matching.  The CCCWA was even saying they were having problems too and would extend the band-with next go round.  So with all this said we did not get a match, but not because Sholey wasn't on the list.  Now, we wait with great expectations for April and pray, pray, pray that this will be the month we will be able to meet our little girl.  

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