Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sholey is definitely a WOOLVERTON

In our referral papers it describes her personality...  
She is strong, active and restless (oh my, I'm gonna lose some weight).  Sholey is affectionate loves to be held and hugged (this is so wonderful cause our whole family loves to hug and so do we).  Sholey is energetic and gets impatient, I cracked up when I read this and thought; "boy does she already sound like a Woolverton".  
Sholey also gets along with others well and has a ready smile (that is what they say).  She is fond of playing with others and toys and her favorite toy is dolls.  She is a moderate sleeper and eats well, Sholey's favorite drink is milk.  The foods she eats are porridge, minced meat, egg, food made of wheat, vegetable juice, milk, juices and soups.  She has 4 meals a day.  We can't wait to get her HOME and see how she will like American food and introduce her to some great fruits~

I just love this picture of her~

I wanted to also share how I can't imagine how hard or what was going through her mother's mind and heart the moment she place her on the grass at the Labour bureau in the city of Dongguan on October 5, 2010.  My heart aches for this mother, but my heart is joyful that God chose William and I to have the privilege of loving, caring and raising this beautiful little girl.  
I imagine now that her hair has grown and she is walking and running around.  I am so ready to go and hold her in my arms and tell her how much she is loved.  I am so ready for our whole family to see her and for her to feel and know how much God loves her.   

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