Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WOW, can't believe all that has been done, but MORE to do

I want to share some dates and what all has taken place in our adoption and in-between, so here we go...

4/16/12 at 9:06pm we received a call of our referral of our little Sholey Joy and then we had to wait to post any pictures or information about her until we received word of our "LOA" (letter of acceptance). 
4/20/12 Pre-approval  
4/30/12 we received our "LOA" and on 5/1 we shared (on our blog) a beautiful picture of our little girl God had chosen for us.
5/2/12 we had a little mess up on the Letter of Acceptance and we had to have China make a correction and mail it back so we could send our I-800 to the USCIS.
5/8/12 had one of our bathrooms re-painted and finished 
5/10/12 we received our revised "LOA" and now ready for the I-800 forms, William and I stayed up until 1:30am filling out the form.
5/11/12 sent off our I-800 with FedEx 
5/14/12 went to doctor to start our Hepatitis A & B shots
5/15/12 called to make sure travel agency received our pre-paperwork and we finished Sholey's room
5/17/12 we received our visas and had our daughter (Ashley's) Reveal Party and found out the gender of our grand-baby
5/18/12 Kelly, our pastors daughters wedding (it was so beautiful and so much fun)
5/19/12 our daughter Ashley and Bethany (Colby's fiancé) both had their graduation at the same place and the same time. (this was a blessing)
5/20/12 Colby and Bethany had wedding shower, Bethany's church gave them
5/21/12 Sholey received her care package we had sent her 
5/31/12 we received a letter about our I-800 Request for Evidence (mistake) and got together the paperwork needed and got it in the mail the next day for them to be able to finish it (they received it on 6/4/12 by 8am
6/9/12 received our approval for I-800, Ashley hosted a wedding shower for her brother at our house, had about 31 people at our home, it was a lot of fun
6/13/12 finished the last part of the paperwork for the I-800 provisional approval and emailed the NVC (national visa center) to make sure they had our visa petition and they had received it and it's in their system and assigned a case number (this is GOOD).  Now the case has to be forwarded to the assigned US Embassy/Consulate General.  
We are WAITING now for our NVC letter to send to our agency and then off for the appointment to be set for us to make our Travel Plans~  (this can not come soon enough for us, but in fear that it may conflict with our son (Colby's) wedding) God is in control and knows all that needs to be, so I trust HIM in what He provides.  


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